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By joining TheLandGeek.com’s membership program, you are committing to becoming successful in this business.  Tom Peters, the best selling author of In Search of Excellence has a great quote, “The only sure way to success is by using the SAV method.  Screw Around Vigorously.”

That’s what we will be doing together!  As the market changes, you must have the tools and flexibility to change with it.  We will be constantly adapting together capitalizing on new market opportunities.  Testing different marketing strategies, learning from other real estate professionals in mastermind workshops and constantly improving our business, processes and ultimately improving our profits!

This is an exclusive club for highly qualified, highly motivated, highly determined entrepreneurs and businesspeople.  Start adding to the conversation yourself once you start doing your own deals in the Platinum Mastermind. Start with our Investor’s Toolkit, make some money using our strategies and then join the club.

How Does the Membership Site Work?

You will be given exclusive weekly access to our mastermind sessions, plus discounts on additional programs and discounted hourly coaching.

“Why should I, your prospective student, choose to do business with you vs. any and every other option available to me?”

We provide the resources -  tele-coaching, hands-on coaching, newsletters, one-on-one telephone calls and more… We have the information for you – when you become a member of TheLandGeek.com’s Gold Mastermind club, you will find we can lead you through the process step-by-step of how to navigate the ever changing market of selling raw land throughout the USA. (And you are never locked in.  Not getting value?  Cancel at anytime.)

You’ve separated yourself from the dreamers and do-nothings who make excuses and wonder why their land businesses are flat or fail. You are serious about making things work and about implementation. You’ve moved from reading and listening to learning to taking action. You’ve no doubt experienced profound breakthroughs in the way you think about your business and about marketing your business. You’re a lot like our most successful Members.

Upgrade to our Platinum Mastermind group and you will be invited to be part of the conversation rather than just a passive listener.  Plus, you can’t beat the value of only $97 / month for this exclusive valuable information.

If you are ready to take your land business to the next level, work smarter not harder, learn from people whom are doing deals every day and screw around vigorously to see what works and what doesn’t in our land niche then this program is for you!

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The first month is free for my students who own the Investor’s Toolkit!

Here’s a recent testimonial:

“After completing the Investor’s Tool Kit, the Gold Mastermind subscription was the next logical step in our journey to become real estate investors.

The dynamic of Mark’s candid conversations with his long-time friend and successful
land investor Jeran Fraser offers insightful knowledge into their decades of combined experience.

It is equally beneficial to listen in as Mark continues teaching his active land investor students Jeff and Tory.
The value gained from the Gold Mastermind Sessions is many multiples greater than
the nominal cost of the subscription.
Thank you Mark, Jeran, Tory and Jeff!”

The Watson Family
Houston, Texas